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The Internet's Place for ESL/TEFL Teachers who want to teaching English in China and for Chinese local schools showing their recruitment information.

TEFLjobs.cn offers you great teaching opportunities to teach English in China, for there are abundant and urgent demands from kindergarten to university all around the country.If you confirm on one or some of them,you should post your resume on our website and apply jobs online.

Usually,Chinese local schools need the following documents of yours,and you should go through these stages :

1) Your resume
2) University degree transcripts (copies acceptable)
3) Copy of passport
4) Health exam certification
5) A letter of references from your last employer(if you have working experience)

After receiving your documents,the school teacher (responsible for recruiting) will send you a letter notifying you of your application acceptance.At that time,you can ask him(her) any questions you want to know .

Soon after this, the school mostly will contact you by email to arrange a phone interview.

Following phone interview, the school will notify you of your full acceptance to the teaching position. If the school accepts you,the teacher will send you a sample employment contract between you and the school. After contracted, you will be asked to fax the contract back to the school with signing your name. This means you have already accepted the contract, so they will keep the position only for you and will not look for any other candidate.and the school will sign it and fax it back to you, it's fine, if you don't need it fax to you, they will wait to give it to you untill you arrive there.

After the school received all your documents above and the contract, they will apply for the document that permits you to work in China in the China State Foreign Affairs Bureau. It will takes them some days to post the invitation paper and the document to you.Also,you can come to China with a travel visa and the school teacher will help to change it to a working visa when you get to the school(but before departure you should ask the teacher if they can change it successfully,if not you should go there with a working visa).

If some foreign teachers who are now in China and want to change their teaching places,After the first 4 steps,they can go to the school directly and the school teacher will help them to change or extend their visas.

TEFLjobs.cn also can help the ESL/EFL teachers to find teaching jobs in China free of charge.

Professional career consultation will be available for individual applicants. The personalized services offered include:

-urgent demands from schools throughout the China
-recommending suitable cities in accordance with your longevity
-publicizing and recommending your resume
-help applying for visa
-help signing the contract
-Any questions about details are welcomed. We will be there all the time for consultation.

We will do our best to match your need and preferences with those of the host schools(want to know the procedure).TEFLjobs.cn will assist you with your travel arrangements.we will continue to maintain contact with you during you stay in China and serve as your advocate.Email your documents to TEFLjobs.cn by 278417400@qq.com