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Teaching & Health care industry

Nirali Khatri (Tesol Teacher) Female | India | 23 years old /Married (1991/05/01) 2-208, 629 lane, behind dongjing metro station, chenglong road. Songjiang District, Shanghai, China -201600 Ph. -0086-18616381451, E-Mail – niralikha*****gmail.com niralis*****hotmail.com Skype name – nirali_khatri QQ id - 20653*****qq.com Tel: 18616381451 Email: niralis*****hotmail.com Preferred Job Locations: Shanghai Preferred Occupation: English Teaching, Other Teaching / Training. Expected Salary: Negotiable Career Objective I am passionate and interested about teaching, learning and dealing with children and adult education and knowing education delivery systems. I am willing to provide my service to students for the betterment of their life by incorporating specialized knowledge, skills, attitude and friendly behavior. I am quick to follow new systems and in education with the use of modernized tools techniques recreational activities in delivering lessons. Highly motivated towards the updating of my knowledge in the ever changing world, With the positive attitude, inner strengths knowingly and the human rights and motives I will serve my best for my students and for the company's growth and progress. Professional Experience (1)Time Period: 2013/01 - 2014/01 Company Name: Acharya classes, Surat, Gujarat. Occupation: English & Science Teacher. Work Experience: • Given personal teaching to the students from grade 1 to grade 7. • One to one teacher student correspondence teaching done thereby creating healthy relationship. • Personally provided attention to the students weakness point in learning and overcome their difficulties by solving in best and easy way, • Heard complaints of parents about their children liking and disliking, behavior towards learning and accordingly approach to resolve problems. • Giving assignments, homework, and regularly maintaining parents to teachers notes and vice versa. • Helping the other teachers (my colleagues) in their work. • Giving free time once a week leisure time to build the physical strength. • Did not created a boredom in learning by hearing student’s suggestions and their interested pattern of learning. • Focus on both physical and mental development of children. • Trying to impart skills such as cognition, life challenging, social, moral and professional development and be a good citizen of country apart from curriculum teaching. • Conducting group study of students with same age groups and same grades. • Subjects covered- English, science, environmental science, in teaching. • Once in a month test was conducted to check the student’s level in progress of learning. • Giving handouts and using media like laptop for more creative study. • Flexible teaching hours with good, hygienic, safe, and attractive learning environment. (2)Time Period: 2013/02 - 2013/08 Company Name: M.S.university, Gujarat, India Occupation: Medical & Healthcare Work Experience: As a Medical Researcher and Instructor (Internship) • as a nursing researcher, prepared a dissertation work and conducted research study. • Understanding the students’ needs and requirements thereby deliver lectures and impart education. • Delivered each lecture of 2 hours in a day. Daily 2-3 lectures I was taking. • Incorporation of teaching through modern amenities and technologies like using of power point presentation(PPT), OHP, preparing transparencies, role playing, group discussions, panel discussion, puzzle , Quiz , in-service education etc. • Took lectures in subject of, English, Bio chemistry, Biology, microbiology, psychology, nursing administration and management, research and statics. • Collaborate with colleagues to address teaching and research issues. • Plan, evaluate, and revise curricula, course content, and course materials and methods of instruction. • Provided guidance and counseling to students strengthen their efforts towards education. • Assess clinical education needs, and patient and client teaching needs, utilizing a variety of methods. • Participate in student recruitment, registration, and placement activities. • Compile bibliographies of specialized materials for outside reading assignments. • Select and obtain materials and supplies such as textbooks and laboratory equipment. • Participate in campus and community events. • Write grant proposals to procure external research funding. • Act as advisers to student organizations. • Demonstrate patient care in clinical units of hospitals. • Perform administrative duties such as serving as department head. • Provide professional consulting services to government and/or industry. (3)Time Period: 2014/02 - Present Company Name: 1) Home English Tutor (Shanghai) 2) English trainer- part time (for employees at American Hygienic corporations, shanghai, china) Occupation: English Teaching Work Experience: • Giving personal English teaching to Chinese people ( adults) who are interested in learning One of the most important and essential language- English. • Teaching is as per individual’s choice of learning such as subject like- basic English for beginners, Elementary English, Intermediate English, Corporate and Business English, professional English etc…. • Flexible teaching hours are conducted and one to one student- tutor correspondence in studying. • Conducting group study once in a week to improve and exchange of knowledge among individuals in English. • Peaceful, calm, good hygienic, friendly, safe and attractive environment provided for learning. • Understanding the Chinese people level of English and their suggestions for learning thereby making lessons easy for them. • Explanation through pinyin, baidu translator and using audio visual aids in teaching. • Giving study notes and handouts for practicing at home. • Teaching English grammar, the rules in English, pronunciation, word building, formation of sentences. • Giving exercises after completion of topic- conduct a short test during post study period and doing orientation with the topic during restudy period. • Understanding the passion and motives of Chinese people towards English language and so I am putting my efforts best to incorporate my knowledge. • Emphasize on speaking more, listening, and reading writing English. • Effective English teaching with less expense. • Can teach and prepared the students for English competitive exams like Medical, IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, TESOL.etc. Education (1)Education Period: 2007/05 - 2009/03 School: Baroda high school, India Major: science Degree: High School or equivalent Qualifications: Physics, chemistry, Biology & English, computer science (2)Education Period: 2009/09 - 2013/08 School: The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Major: Bachelor of Science Nursing Education Highest Degree: Bachelor's Degree Qualifications: Grade: distinction (71%) Major subjects first level English Anatomy Physiology Food & Nutrition Genetics Biochemistry Pediatrics (kid’s health education and teaching for high welfare) Medical-surgical Psychiatric Management and Research Microbiology computer (3)Education Period: 2014/10 - Present School: AMERICAN TESOL INSTITUTE Major: TESOL Highest Degree: Professional Qualifications: I am a Certified TESOL Teacher completed "120 hour In Class TESOL programme" from AMERICAN INSTITUTE TESOL. Languages • English Mother Tongue • Chinese Basic • Hindi Fluent • English Fluent Skills I am passionate to work about in the teaching & educational company with utilizing my full cooperation, knowledge and attitude. I am quick to follow new systems of working and interested to work in new environment with all possible efforts towards success.my skills includes; Communication teaching Demonstration lesson planning knowledge of using audio visual aids in teaching curriculum planning Giving assignments to students Teamwork Leadership group study child development knowledge Human Rights Humanitarian Motivation Self-confidence Self-Assessment Life sciences guidance & counselling documentation computer & internet knowledge including MS Office. Co-Curricular Activities & Achievements (1)Projects • A study to assess the health problems of Geriatric People Living in Government Granted Old age Home of B City, India In September 2013 Team Head: Nirali Khatri Following problems were studied during the dissertation work ( research study); physical problems psychological problems social problems Volunteer Experience & Causes o (2)Child scientist(worked as child scientist) National Council Of science & Technology Network, New Delhi  Science and Technology In December 2007 o (3)Drawing & Painting (Participated) National Institute Kalahari Child Art Development center  Education In September 2005 Reference available upon request. -------All above information furnished here is true and best of my knowledge----------


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experienced ESL teacher, travel blog writer, passionate traveller

My name is Agata and I am of Polish nationality. My education and entire career is strictly connected to English language. I have been working as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher for 17 years, working with all age groups including youngsters, teenagers and adults. My workplaces included public high school, private language schools, small firms and big companies. I have also conducted private, individual tuitions. I have graduated from universities (MA in Tourism and Physical Education and BA in English Philology, 3 years of Teachers' Training College -English Studies)and I have all the necessary qualifications to work as a teacher. Besides, my teaching job was accompanied by numerous translation tasks, which included translation of various documents, university dissertation summaries, restaurant menus, technical manuals, software, IT projects, business and private correspondence, film subtitles and many more. I possess a desire for constant self-development; thus my participation in different forms of professional training and courses. Among them was the TEFL course I attended in English Language Academy in Sliema, Malta in 2004 and other linguistic courses and trainings. Apart from my education involving English Studies, for years I have been in touch with native speakers of English both on personal and professional level and I have also travelled widely to English speaking countries (the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, South-east Asia) which improve my linguistic skills and the quality of my work. I have a very professional attitude to my career and I have always done my best to provide my students and employers with the highest standards. I use my travelling experience in my lessons, getting my students familiar with peculiarity and diversity of the world, teaching them-at the same time- openness and tolerance. I am certain that your offer would be an excellent opportunity for me to use my entire experience and knowledge and my other qualities like accuracy, responsibility, independence, creativity and getting on well with people would make me an efficient worker with a great contribution to your school. I have always wanted to join the company that would make most of my experience, curiosity and openness to new horizons. I am willing to develop my skills and identify with the place I work in. From my employer I expect new challenges that could secure my professional fulfilment. As I am keen on travelling, China would be another great destination for me. I live in Poland but I am ready to relocate. I can also work remotely, via Internet. If you consider myself a well-qualified person to apply for the position you offer I would be happy to arrange for an interview at your convenience. Please contact me at : agatap*****gmail.com



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Application for an ESL teacher

Rommel Castro Songyuan City Jilin, China (+86)188 4381 2006 romanocas*****rocketmail.com Dear Sir/Madam; I am currently looking for an ESL job. I believe you will find me as a dedicated educator who is well qualified that motivated and directed students need to successfully learn. My background and experiences will testify to my career successes and solid commitment to providing students with excellence in education. As you will note, I have earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education as well as my long experience in teaching not only in my country but also in China. I have taught from kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, high schools and adult classes that brought my teaching style direct and decisive, yet flexible in responding to constantly changing demand. I also participated in the Speech Contest conducted by our Company as one of the judges and trainer. Not only that, I was also a Science and Math teacher for the Singapore Intensive Training Program for Chinese scholars. Being a rounded educator, I have had an opportunity to diverse group of students, thus enhancing my teaching techniques and instructional methods. As a result, I have developed phenomenal communication, interpersonal, organizational, time management, and leadership skills. Furthermore, I have become proficient in developing comprehensive lesson plans, creating simulating thematic units, and assessing individuals and the class as a whole. One of the greatest strengths as an educator is instilling a love for English in my students. I accomplish this by incorporating my own learning and experiences which help students translate into present-day English, as well as draw a direct connection between the works in question and everyday life. This method has helped me reach out to each student, facilitate their unique learning style, and spark their interest. I would feel privilege if you give me a chance to prove it. Sincerely, Rommel Castro


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Teacher Cover Letter

2322 Union Mill Rd Houston, TX 77067 Date: June 14, 2014 To Whom It May Concern My name is Antoine Banks. I'm writing to inquire about any media arts teacher or freelance videographer/photographer positions in your school. I feel that I am well qualified because I have 15 years of experience with Brookhollow Baptist Church in media communications, technical directing, camera operating. My freelance experiences include video and photo editing, photography and screenwriting. I'm comfortable working with different personalities, following directions, and directing others during live broadcasts; am personable; and well-organized. I am a 2007 graduate of Texas State Technical College with my Associates of Applied Science Degree in Media Communications and Information and a 3.75 GPA. My record of academic achievements and professional career history makes me a desirable candidate. I am eager to hone my skills and put what I have learned to work for your school. Currently, I'm a part-time Art Institute of Houston student. During my time off, I seek to explore career opportunities, and more than willing to relocate for the perfect job. However, I will need travel accommodations and visa sponsorship to Asia. Sincerely, Antoine L. Banks P.S. It would be a pleasure to forward my enclosed resume with details of my skills and accomplishments for your review; however, I am certain a personal interview would fully reveal my desire and ability to contribute to your school. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing the position and ways in which I can contribute. To contact me directly, phone my cell: 281.742.9887 or email me at an*****antoinelbanks.usa.cc.

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