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Current Residence:In Poland

Post Date:8/2/2014

experienced ESL teacher, travel blog writer, passionate traveller

My name is Agata and I am of Polish nationality. My education and entire career is strictly connected to English language. I have been working as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher for 17 years, working with all age groups including youngsters, teenagers and adults. My workplaces included public high school, private language schools, small firms and big companies. I have also conducted private, individual tuitions. I have graduated from universities (MA in Tourism and Physical Education and BA in English Philology, 3 years of Teachers' Training College -English Studies)and I have all the necessary qualifications to work as a teacher.
Besides, my teaching job was accompanied by numerous translation tasks, which included translation of various documents, university dissertation summaries, restaurant menus, technical manuals, software, IT projects, business and private correspondence, film subtitles and many more.
I possess a desire for constant self-development; thus my participation in different forms of professional training and courses. Among them was the TEFL course I attended in English Language Academy in Sliema, Malta in 2004 and other linguistic courses and trainings.
Apart from my education involving English Studies, for years I have been in touch with native speakers of English both on personal and professional level and I have also travelled widely to English speaking countries (the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, South-east Asia) which improve my linguistic skills and the quality of my work. I have a very professional attitude to my career and I have always done my best to provide my students and employers with the highest standards. I use my travelling experience in my lessons, getting my students familiar with peculiarity and diversity of the world, teaching them-at the same time- openness and tolerance.
I am certain that your offer would be an excellent opportunity for me to use my entire experience and knowledge and my other qualities like accuracy, responsibility, independence, creativity and getting on well with people would make me an efficient worker with a great contribution to your school. I have always wanted to join the company that would make most of my experience, curiosity and openness to new horizons. I am willing to develop my skills and identify with the place I work in. From my employer I expect new challenges that could secure my professional fulfilment. As I am keen on travelling, China would be another great destination for me.
I live in Poland but I am ready to relocate. I can also work remotely, via Internet.
If you consider myself a well-qualified person to apply for the position you offer I would be happy to arrange for an interview at your convenience. Please contact me at : agatap*****gmail.com