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Current Residence:In China

Post Date:8/17/2013


name:senju;sex:male;WorkExperience:My Resume;

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Chinese name: WANG FENG.

Nationality: CAMEROONIAN
Date of Birth: 30/05/1981
Schools attended, year and Certificates obtained

1998-2001 University of Buea SWP Cameroon
Bachelor Degree in English Language

1996-1998 National Comprehensive High School Limbe
Advance Level Certificate

1991-1996 National Comprehensive High School Limbe
Ordinary Level Certificate

Diploma in German language
Diploma in Computing

Working Experience.

I have two years working experience in my country. Dean of Studies, English Literature teacher
and class master in Saint Francis College. For reference contact Rev.
Jevis Kebi (00237 7868537)
Also taught a three months holiday classes in VICONEP KINDERGARTEN
Taught English in Xin Jiang Guang Hua Private School, Urumqi- China.
For reference contact Mr. Lee Foreign Experts Department (0991
Took part time classes in Shijiazhuang - Hebei Province.

Taught summer camp in Bozhou - Anhui Province with Wanbei Foreign
Language School. And also gave sensitization exercise in some cities in
Anhui Province on the importance of Oral English in China, How to improve
on Oral English and the problems of Oral English in China. I have
lecture photos and VCD tape for sample. For reference contact Mr. Wang 0558
5289240 / 0558 5510977.

Taught English Summer Immersion Camp with Shanxi Sino-Canadian
International School (Shanxi Experimental and Jinxing School) for two weeks
for reference contact Mrs. GAO LAN TEL: 0354-3283270/ 3273270 or
013934502599 (International Education Exchange Center)

Taught with Hebei Institute of Vocation and Technology (No 333 Hong
Street Shijiazhuang Hebei Province-China.) for six months contract. For
Reference contact Zhou Li (International Education Exchange Center)
0311 85239539 / 013833382037.

Also taught with Hebei affiliated Universities, for Sifang School
of Shijiazhuang Railway Institute / The Lionful Vocational School of
Shijiazhuang while teaching as a full time Oral English teacher (one year contract) with Shijiazhuang Railway Institute. No 17, Beihuan East Road. Shijiazhuang-Hebei.
Get to the web for more information http://www.sjzri.edu.cn/
For reference Contact (International Education Exchange Center)
Director of English Department Mr. Wang: office, 0311 87936685-0 Cell
013313211201, Foreign Affair Coordinators
Mr. Jinsong: office, 0311 87935192 / cell 13582329208.
Mrs. Zhai Qingwei: office, 0311 87935132 cell 0311 88998805

I'm currently looking for a new full time job and a summer camp.

Hobbies: Love reading novels, swimming, dancing, love playing with kids, soccer and ping pong.

Language proficiency
Speak: English, French, Deutsch (German) and Chinese fluently.

Contact: Senju Leke (Wang Feng).

E-mail lekiss4000@yahoo.co.uk